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5 Polar Vortex Approved Fruit Sweaters

At Journey Foods, we know there’s a better way to approach the future of food. We’re an AI-powered platform that supports product management and data services to help thousands of food businesses save money and create better products efficiently. We’ve sold several thousand units of our inaugural data-driven product line, Journey Bites, with more than 1 million cubes manufactured, which supports our machine learning-based algorithms.

Ever wanted to show your love for fruit with your clothes?  Well, turns out fashion can even help you express even that passion.

Since a lot of the US is dealing with a polar vortex, we thought we'd suggest 5 fruit themed sweaters (very niche, we know) to keep warm and remind you of the farmers markets to come in warmer months.


1. Purple Asos Sweater, Depop, £22
For anyone who loves a little bit of wordplay, this is the one for you! 
2. Apple Sweater, Amazon $9.99
Warm fruit is better fruit? I don't know if that's true, but it's cute though! You could even color coordinate with your produce if that floats your apple. (That was an apple bobbing reference. Did you get it?)
3. Lilac fruit sweater, Acne Studios, €350
This one is definitely on the pricy side of things, but if you get a kick out of making strangers walking by on the street wonder if there's something wrong with their eyes, it could be worth it. We wouldn't judge you if you splurge.
4. Fruit Cake Sweater, Amazon, $27.99
Fruit cakes are gross and ugly, sorry not sorry. This sweater is also ugly. But it gives off some quirky, "I don't even care", hipster vibes so maybe you could wear it on a trip to Brooklyn or something?
5. Fruit Print Sweater, GearBest, $23.51
This is definitely the most wearable of the bunch. Don't be surprised if I pick one of these up for myself (the Journey Foods office is cold sometimes and this is actually cute!)

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