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Food Made Simple: A quick analysis of what "clean eating" means

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If you can eat “clean” does that mean you can eat “dirty”? (No)

Should I really be washing my produce before I eat it? (Yes!)

There’s a lot of debate around what a “clean eating” diet looks like, but the general idea is to eat whole, natural foods and avoid those that could be refined, processed, or have additives. That sounds like a smart idea, but it can be pretty damaging to label foods as “clean”, “good” or “bad”.

Why? Because not all un-clean foods are bad for your health and not all “clean” foods are good for you.  

For example, you can add Vitamin D to milk to enhance your bones which makes it technically not a whole, natural food. In this case, a food additive positively contributes to your overall health instead of negatively affecting it.

You want to know a popular clean food? (Duh, that’s why you’re reading this.)

You’d be surprised to know that it’s 🍟.

Technically fries are a clean food because it’s just made of 🥔, vegetable oil, and salt. That doesn’t mean they’re good for you!

On a mental level, labeling some foods as “bad” or “clean” is a negative way to look at food. This could lead to poor relationships with food which in turn could lead to nutrient deficiencies, binge eating due to a sense of restriction, and general unhappiness.

So eat some 🍟 sometimes if you want to-- or don’t. When figuring out the best healthy diet for you, think about nutrient density and creating an overall balanced diet.

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