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Food Made Simple: A quick analysis of the ‘Plant-Based’ trend

At Journey Foods, we know there’s a better way to approach the future of food. We’re an AI-powered platform that supports product management and data services to help thousands of food businesses save money and create better products efficiently. We’ve sold several thousand units of our inaugural data-driven product line, Journey Bites, with more than 1 million cubes manufactured, which supports our machine learning-based algorithms.

The most divisive question of all time is whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. And whether or not it’s ‘tomāto’ or ‘tomăto’.

The consensus at Journey Foods is that it’s pronounced ‘tomāto’ and biologically a fruit, but we don’t mind if you disagree. At the end of the day, it’s a juicy, vibrant, tasty plant that’s good for you. An added bonus is that eating plants is trendy all of a sudden.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? I’ll fill you in.

According to Whole Foods, Forbes and Innova Market Insights, plant-based foods and diets are not only expected to trend in 2019 — they’re going to be mainstream.

Now, either the hipster in you hates the idea because it’s popular or the Ron Swanson in you is saying you should go order all the bacon and eggs you can.

Or maybe you just don’t believe people are making the switch over to plant-based living.

Eating plants isn’t a new thing, but this lifestyle change is starting to take over the world now. We can break down this major change in diet to two main factors: better health benefits and better meat-alternatives.

People eating plant-based diets see a large range of benefits that counter some of the most common health issues. Less weight gain over time, less buildup of plaque in their arteries, decreased risk for diabetes and heart disease, lower BMI … this research goes on and on. Plant-based diets are even linked to a lower mortality rate.

It’s hard to ignore what choosing a sweet potato chickpea buddha bowl over a burger can do for you. And in 2019, you might not even have to give up burgers.

Image from Ocean Hugger Foods

Meat alternatives have reached a whole new level. Both the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are slowly winning over the United States, and there are even fish alternatives. Ocean Hugger Foods has created Ahimi, a tomato-based alternative to ahi tuna that mimics its texture and flavor.

These new products might be the main reason plant-based lifestyles are becoming more popular because nobody likes to give up the flavors they love.

Even if you’re not ready to make a complete switch (and you definitely don’t have to!), it’s worth looking into some of the new plant-based food popping up in grocery stores and Amazon carts everywhere. Like Journey Bites. 😉

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