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The Future of Food is Now: Food Forever Experience Highlights Biodiversity

With 90% of our fruits and vegetables scheduled to go extinct in the next 10 years, thinking about foods’ biodiversity is more important than ever. But how often does it really cross our minds to think about how unvaried our foods really are? Our guess is almost never. The Food Forever Experience, hosted by Food Forever, The Hatchery, and other partners, was created to change that. 

We were happy to be partners with food industry power players from across the globe, the annual Food Forever Experience demonstrates just how varied our food experiences can — and should — be. Food Forever brings together innovators and those interested in joining them to increase global biodiversity. As an international partnership, Food Forever allows people in the food space to learn how they can transform their ventures and lives to feature different foods and preserve produce across the globe.  




This year’s inspiring speakers include Danielle Nierenberg from Food Tank, Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill, and Lisa Gurtis from Kuli Kuli, in addition to a group of innovators changing the way we consume and think about food. These innovators include Farmer’s Fridge and Tomato Bliss. With these forward food thinkers, along with the attendees of the events, including us at Journey Foods, we know we will leave even more excited about the future of food. 


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