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Journey Foods Job Postings - February 2019

Some of you seeing this might already know about us (hi!). But for those of you who don't, we'll make a quick intro.
Journey Foods is an innovative food technology company developing nutritionally fortified, plant-based snack foods with proprietary fruit engineering for evolved nutrient consumption. We are changing the face of traditional nutrition and snacking in our offices, schools, homes and more. At Journey Foods, our products are built for people to access and quickly consume some of the globe’s most inaccessible and nutrient-dense goods. We've built a smarter, more sustainable way to consume while maintaining flavor and integrity. We are one part fruit, one part science, two bits of an awesome snacking journey.
And we want you to join us on that journey! We are currently looking to add three people to our team. We are offering Logistics and Operations Manager + Lead Scientist positions in Chicago as well as a Brand and Sales Manager in LA.
We want people who are just as excited as us to work fast-growing, young company. These positions are incredibly dynamic and require people who are creative, organized, good communicators, and passionate about what they do.
If you're interested in any of these positions, please go to our Betterteam website ( to read more about each position and their requirements. Applications will be taken through this website as well.
We're looking forward to meeting the next group of people to join us on our journey to feed the world, better.