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Strawberry and Chia Journey Bites

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Strawberry, Chia, Nutrient Boosters, Baobab, Citrus Pectin, Marine Greens. Explore more and see our sources here:
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Product Details & Benefits

At just 80 delicious calories per serving, our delicious bites are made from 100% fruit purées and boosted ingredients to help with energy, immunity and metabolism. With over 50,000 antioxidant orac, and plenty of vitamin C, no fat, no added sugar or preservatives. These strawberry and Chia cubes are made for increased fiber and energy.  You'll enjoy baobab, natural ingredients, California strawberries, and chia from Wisconsin. Micro Foods for a better you. 

Contents Include: 80 calories per serving, no cholesterol, just 10mg of sodium, 80% daily Vitamin C, 45% daily Iron, 6% daily potassium, 10% daily Vitamin D, and 8% of daily recommended sugar.

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    Our products are higher vitamin & fiber levels, full of polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. Always low in carbohydrates with no added sugars. Kosher, Halal, Vegan while bringing flavor for anti-inflammatory, energizing, and satiating packs.

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    Journey Technology

    We built an in-house AI scientist at with these products. This enables faster product development and increase nutrient precision.

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    Flavor for Days

    Almost 94% of Americans snack daily. Our team is creating unique and abundant fruit combinations specially designed to maximize not only taste and flavor, but increase nutritional benefits as well.

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    Wild-Harvested & Infused Ingredients

    Over 90% of our planet's natural, plant-based snacks are primed for extinction. We are developing innovation to lock in nutrients and the best flavors on the globe, like the African baobab, for the most accessible version of fruit.

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    Focus on Environment

    We are focused on getting on-the-go nutrition back to its historical outputs (by volume) when carbon dioxide levels, climate change, and large-scale farming did not hinder plant development like it does today.

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    Good for All!

    The global population is due to hit nine billion by 2050, a number our current food practices can’t support. We aim to find a sustainable way of feeding the world with better on-the-go nutrition.